Society Wars

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Not bad for MS Paint Society Wars
As of right now we could use all the help we could get! Since the recent platform change of Society Wars we have pretty much lost all help and we could use anyone right now including
*and anyone else who is willing to help.
Please if you can help contact me soon, thanks!
More information about Society Wars
So far we have about six maps drawn out, the classes decided, and all the weapons for the classes. Click on the link above for more info and if that dosen't answer all your questions please feel free to contact me.

How long will it take?
If we can get help quickly I dont think it will take over 9 months, which is fairly short for a mod. But don't worry im sure we'll have our share of bad luck so don't take exact dates add maybe a month or two on the end of the dates I give you.

Chris Cooke-Skinner/Mapper/Ideas
(help wanted)-Coder
(help wanted)-Modeler
(help wanted)-Mapper